Hi. My name is Michelle.

I am a Mom of 2 wonderful kids. I want them to learn to cook

and eat healthy, so that they won't have the struggles with

weight as I do. I find that they are more likely to try new foods

if they are the ones preparing and cooking it.

They are so proud of their accomplishments when finished.

I want to share that same feeling with my students.

While I'm not a chef, I have been teaching and cooking most of my life.

While Compliments to the Chef  is a Healthy Cooking Class,

we use fresh easy to find ingredients that won't break the bank,

so your child can make the same dish at home again and again!

We are 100% fully insured. We all have our Child Clearances.  

  We are also Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Instructors (HHC), which includes

training in food safety. We use child safe knifes and instruments.

We sanitize our cooking instruments using restaurant specifications.

We take every measure possible to ensure your child is safe while

under our instruction.